Want this news?

Hello! I’m Sergei, founder of BotsEver.

We believe that if something can be automated it should be automated. So we’ve created the bots that writes news based on data.

I’m sure you have a lot of ideas to launch new verticals (football, finances, entertainment etc.). And you always stop yourself: «we don’t have enough resources (people, money…)». But what if I tell you, that you can launch it in a couple of days, it will work 24/7 without breaks and it will take only 9 seconds to create any news on any topics of the kind?

That is BotsEver — bots that write news based on big data. All news for this website are written by our bots.

Thus you can launch new verticals based on data sets without adding staff — this news are totally automated (getting data, creating news and publishing).

So if you want to try it or have some questions — you can do it here.

Visit our website — BotsEver. And subscribe to our LinkedIn page or Twitter to follow the way we are developing the bots.