Moreirense Overtaken by FC Porto in Primeira Liga Match-Up

Match day 1 of the Primeira Liga saw a thrilling match between Moreirense and FC Porto, with the latter team taking home the win. Godfried Ayesu Owusu Frimpong from Moreirense scored first at 51 minutes, giving them a lead of 1-0. However, Antonio Martínez López from FC Porto responded quickly with an equalizing goal at 67 minutes (1-1). With only 7 minutes left in the game, Wendell Nascimento Borges from FC Porto scored again at 74 minutes to secure their victory (1-2). In the end it was FC Porto who took home all three points in this exciting match.



  • Kewin Oliveira Silva (7.3)
  • Dinis Lourenço Casals Namura Borges Pinto (6.2)
  • Marcelo dos Santos Ferreira (6.3)
  • Jóbson de Brito Gonzaga (6.6)
  • Godfried Ayesu Owusu Frimpong (7.7)
  • Gonçalo Baptista Franco (7.2)
  • Lawrence Ofori (6.7)
  • Kobamelo Kodisang (6.2)
  • Alan de Souza Guimarães (6.9)
  • João Pedro Gomes Camacho (6.3)
  • André Luís Silva de Aguiar (7.2)

FC Porto

  • Diogo Meireles da Costa (6.3)
  • João Mário Neto Lopes (6.5)
  • Fábio Rafael Rodrigues Cardoso (7.2)
  • Iván Marcano Sierra (6.9)
  • Wendell Nascimento Borges (7.7)
  • Stephen Antunes Eustáquio (7)
  • Marko Grujić (6.6)
  • Otávio Edmilson da Silva Monteiro (6.9)
  • Eduardo Gabriel Aquino Cossa (8)
  • Wenderson Rodrigues do Nascimento Galeno (7.2)
  • Mehdi Taremi (7.2)



  • Pedro Miguel Santos Aparício (Kobamelo Kodisang, 76)
  • Madson de Souza Silva (Alan de Souza Guimarães, 76)
  • Pedro Miguel Santos Amador (Godfried Ayesu Owusu Frimpong, 90)
  • Rodrigo Ribeiro de Macedo (Lawrence Ofori, 90)
  • Fabiano Josué de Souza Silva (Dinis Lourenço Casals Namura Borges Pinto, 90)

FC Porto

  • Antonio Martínez López (João Mário Neto Lopes, 46)
  • Romário Manuel Silva Baró (Marko Grujić, 56)
  • Nicolás González Iglesias (Romário Manuel Silva Baró, 71)
  • André Filipe Russo Franco (Mehdi Taremi, 90)

Ball possession:

FC Porto had a clear advantage in ball possession over Moreirense, with 63% of the possession in the match. They were also able to create more scoring opportunities, as they had 16 shots on target and 7 on goal. The most active player in terms of shots was Gonçalo Baptista Franco from Moreirense who made 9 shots on target and 1 shot on goal. Wendell Nascimento Borges was the best for FC Porto, delivering 7 shots on target with an impressive accuracy of 44%.


5 tackles per game.

Marcelo dos Santos Ferreira of Moreirense had an impressive pass accuracy of 85%, completing 40 passes in total. Fábio Rafael Rodrigues Cardoso of FC Porto was even more impressive, with a pass accuracy of 90% and 92 total passes. Alan de Souza Guimarães also played for Moreirense and made two key passes across the match. Wendell Nascimento Borges from FC Porto showed great defensive ability with 2.5 tackles per game, helping his team to maintain their lead throughout the match.


Moreirense had the most interceptions during the match, with a total of 7. The leader was Gonçalo Baptista Franco, who accounted for 4 of them. FC Porto were not far behind with 3 interceptions, and Fábio Rafael Rodrigues Cardoso had the most with 1. For Moreirense, Godfried Ayesu Owusu Frimpong was second in terms of interceptions with 2. FC Porto also has 3, and Fábio Rafael Rodrigues Cardoso again led with 1 interception.


The Portuguese Primeira Liga is an exciting competition, and the fight for the ball is no different. Two of the league’s top players, André Luís Silva de Aguiar of Moreirense and Eduardo Gabriel Aquino Cossa of FC Porto, have been leading their respective teams in terms of face-to-face fights for the ball. André Luís Silva de Aguiar has had a total of 15 such instances while Eduardo Gabriel Aquino Cossa has had 11 such encounters. This shows just how competitive these two stars are when it comes to competing for possession on the pitch. It’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top at the end of this season!


Yellow cards:

    • Lawrence Ofori (Moreirense) at 62 minute
    • Dinis Lourenço Casals Namura Borges Pinto (Moreirense) at 76 minute
    • Fabiano Josué de Souza Silva (Moreirense) at 90 minute
    • Gonçalo Baptista Franco (Moreirense) at 90 minute
    • João Mário Neto Lopes (FC Porto) at 22 minute
    • Wenderson Rodrigues do Nascimento Galeno (FC Porto) at 69 minute
    • Antonio Martínez López (FC Porto) at 72 minute
    • Wendell Nascimento Borges (FC Porto) at 78 minute
    • Wendell Nascimento Borges (FC Porto) at 90 minute
    • Nicolás González Iglesias (FC Porto) at 90 minute
    • Otávio Edmilson da Silva Monteiro (FC Porto) at 90 minute

Red cards:

  • Wendell Nascimento Borges (FC Porto) at 90 minute

The last five games (including this match):

  • Moreirense – L
  • FC Porto – W

Top 5 Primeira Liga scorers:

  1. Viktor Einar Gyökeres (2, Sporting CP)
  2. Kanya Fujimoto (2, GIL Vicente)
  3. Antonio Martínez López (1, FC Porto)
  4. Cristo Ramón González Pérez (1, Arouca)
  5. Clayton Fernandes Silva (1, Casa Pia)

Next games:

  • Moreirense will play with Famalicao. August 21 at 19:15 (UTC), on Estádio Municipal 22 de Junho.
  • FC Porto will play with Farense. August 20 at 17:00 (UTC), on Estádio Do Dragão.
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