Boavista Edges Benfica in Primeira Liga Clash

The first match day of the Primeira Liga saw an exciting game between Boavista and Benfica. The match was a thrilling one, with Ángel_Fabián_Di_María_Hernández scoring for Benfica at the 22nd minute (0:1). Boavista responded with Róbert_Boženík’s goal at 55 minutes (1:1). Benfica then regained the lead when Rafael_Alexandre_Fernandes scored at 75 minutes (1:2). Bruno Miguel Ponces Lourenço equalised for Boavista in the 90th minute (2:2) before Róbert Boženík scored again in stoppage time to give his team a 3-2 victory.



  • João Pedro Oliveira Gonçalves (6.9)
  • Pedro Jorge Gonçalves Malheiro (6.9)
  • Chidozie Collins Awaziem (6.6)
  • Rodrigo Abascal Barros (6.6)
  • Sopuruchukwu Bruno Onyemaechi (6.9)
  • Sebastián Pérez Cardona (7.2)
  • Miguel Silva Reisinho (6.7)
  • Salvador José Milhazes Agra (6.2)
  • Gaïus Abraham Jered Makouta (6.2)
  • Tiago Fontoura da Fonseca Morais (6.2)
  • Róbert Boženík (8.5)


  • Odysseas Vlachodimos (6.3)
  • Alexander Hartmann Bah (7)
  • António João Pereira de Albuquerque Tavares (7.2)
  • Nicolás Hernán Gonzalo Otamendi (6.9)
  • David Jurásek (6.2)
  • João Pedro Gonçalves Neves (7.3)
  • Orkun Kökçü (7.2)
  • Ángel Fabián Di María Hernández (7.5)
  • Rafael Alexandre Fernandes Ferreira da Silva (8.5)
  • Fredrik Aursnes (6.3)
  • Petar Musa (5.5)



  • Bruno Miguel Ponces Lourenço (Miguel Silva Reisinho, 46)
  • Ilija Vukotić (Gaïus Abraham Jered Makouta, 63)
  • Filipe Miguel Neves Ferreira (Rodrigo Abascal Barros, 63)
  • Jériel Nicolás De Santis Córdova (Salvador José Milhazes Agra, 80)
  • Bernardo Silva Conceição (Tiago Fontoura da Fonseca Morais, 80)


  • Felipe Rodrigues da Silva (Ángel Fabián Di María Hernández, 53)
  • Francisco Leonel Lima Silva Machado (Orkun Kökçü, 84)
  • David Neres Campos (João Pedro Gonçalves Neves, 84)
  • Florentino Ibrain Morris Luís (Rafael Alexandre Fernandes Ferreira da Silva, 85)
  • Mihailo Ristić (David Jurásek, 90)

Ball possession:

The match between Boavista and Benfica was a close one, with both sides pushing for the win. Boavista had 48% of ball possession compared to Benfica’s 52%, but were less successful in terms of shots on target. Boavista made 11 shots on target, 4 on goal, with Róbert Boženík leading the way in terms of number of shots. Meanwhile, Benfica made 15 shots on target, 5 on goal; Ángel Fabián Di María Hernández had the most hits on goal for them. In the end though it was Benfica who got the victory.


Sebastián Pérez Cardona of Boavista had an impressive pass accuracy of 88% from 61 total passes, while António João Pereira de Albuquerque Tavares of Benfica was even more accurate with his passes at 96%. Of the two clubs, Boavista’s Sopuruchukwu Bruno Onyemaechi managed to make 2 key passes. Benfica’s Orkun Kökçü had 3 key passes. Both teams put in a strong performance, with accurate passing and well-timed key passes.


Boavista and Benfica have similar numbers of interceptions this season, with Boavista leading 8-5. Pedro Jorge Gonçalves Malheiro has the most interceptions for Boavista with 3, while Alexander Hartmann Bah leads Benfica with 3 as well. António João Pereira de Albuquerque Tavares is also making an impact for Benfica with 3 interceptions. The teams will be looking to build on these numbers as the season progresses.


Sebastián Pérez Cardona of Boavista and Alexander Hartmann Bah of Benfica are the clear leaders when it comes to face-to-face fights for the ball. Sebastián Pérez Cardona has had 10 face-to-face fights for the ball, while Alexander Hartmann Bah has had 14. Both players have demonstrated impressive skill in this area, making them stand out from their peers. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top in future games between Boavista and Benfica as both players continue to challenge each other in this area.


Yellow cards:

    • Miguel Silva Reisinho (Boavista) at 1 minute
    • Gaïus Abraham Jered Makouta (Boavista) at 11 minute
    • Sebastián Pérez Cardona (Boavista) at 14 minute
    • Sopuruchukwu Bruno Onyemaechi (Boavista) at 67 minute
    • Bernardo Silva Conceição (Boavista) at 90 minute
    • Róbert Boženík (Boavista) at 90 minute
    • Ángel Fabián Di María Hernández (Benfica) at 54 minute
    • Rafael Alexandre Fernandes Ferreira da Silva (Benfica) at 65 minute
    • Alexander Hartmann Bah (Benfica) at 82 minute
    • António João Pereira de Albuquerque Tavares (Benfica) at 88 minute

Red cards:

  • Bruno Miguel Ponces Lourenço (Boavista) at 90 minute
  • Petar Musa (Benfica) at 50 minute

Penalties in a match:

  • Bruno Miguel Ponces Lourenço (Boavista) at 90 minute

The last five games (including this match):

  • Boavista – W
  • Benfica – L

Top 5 Primeira Liga scorers:

  1. Viktor Einar Gyökeres (2, Sporting CP)
  2. Róbert Boženík (2, Boavista)
  3. Kanya Fujimoto (2, GIL Vicente)
  4. Antonio Martínez López (1, FC Porto)
  5. Clayton Fernandes Silva (1, Casa Pia)

Next games:

  • Boavista will play with Portimonense. August 19 at 19:30 (UTC), on Estádio Municipal de Portimão.
  • Benfica will play with Estrela. August 19 at 19:30 (UTC), on Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica.
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