Al-Ittihad FC Defeats Al-Raed in Pro League Match With 3-0 Scoreline

The first match of the Pro League between Al-Raed and Al-Ittihad FC resulted in a 0:3 win for Al-Ittihad FC. After a tight first half, Abderrazzaq Hamed Allah from Al-Ittihad FC scored the opener at 58 minutes (0:1). Then, Igor Caique Coronado from Al-Ittihad FC scored two more goals at 73 minutes (0:2) and 79 minutes (0:3), giving his team a convincing victory. The result puts Al-Ittihad FC in an excellent position to start the season off with a bang.



  • Ahmad Ali Saleem Al Rehaili Al Harbi (7.3)
  • Hamad Sulaiman Al Jayzani (6.3)
  • Bander Whaeshi (6.6)
  • Abdullah Al Fahad (6.9)
  • Mohammed Alsubaie (6.2)
  • Mohammed Salem Al Dossary (6.6)
  • Mansor Faiez Al Beshe (6.7)
  • Mamadou Loum NDiaye (6.3)
  • Yahya Sunbul Mubarak (6.7)
  • Amir Sayoud (6.9)
  • Karim El Berkaoui (6.9)

Al-Ittihad FC

  • Marcelo Grohe (6.9)
  • Madallah Ali Mohammed Al Olayan (7.6)
  • Muhannad Mustafa Suwailik Al Shanqiti (6.9)
  • Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed Hisami Sharahili (6.9)
  • Ahmed Mohammed Abdulsayed Bamasud (8.3)
  • NGolo Kanté (7.7)
  • Fábio Henrique Tavares (7.5)
  • Igor Caique Coronado (9.3)
  • Romário Ricardo da Silva (6.9)
  • Abderrazzaq Hamed Allah (7.2)
  • Karim Mostafa Benzema (7.9)



  • Karim El Berkaoui (Raed Abdullah Al Ghamdi, 46)
  • Amir Sayoud (Rakan Misfer Al Dosari, 84)
  • Mamadou Loum NDiaye (Naif Abdullah Ali Hazazi, 84)
  • Mohammed Salem Al Dossary (Abdullah Saad Al Shaflut, 90)

Al-Ittihad FC

  • Romário Ricardo da Silva (João Pedro Neves Filipe, 74)
  • NGolo Kanté (Sultan Saad Fahran Jamal, 83)
  • Igor Caique Coronado (Saleh Mohammed Fares Al Jaman Al Amri, 83)
  • Fábio Henrique Tavares (Awad Haidar Amir Al Matain Al Nashri, 90)
  • Abderrazzaq Hamed Allah

Ball possession:

The football match between Al-Raed and Al-Ittihad FC was a close affair, with Al-Ittihad FC having the lion’s share of ball possession at 67%, compared to 33% for Al-Raed. Despite this, both teams managed to make 5 and 18 shots on target respectively. Al-Raed’s Hamad Sulaiman Al Jayzani was the most active in terms of number of shots, while Karim Mostafa Benzema proved to be the best in terms of hits on goal for his team. In the end, however, neither team were able to break through each other’s defences and it ended as a draw.


Mansor Faiez Al Beshe of Al-Raed had an impressive pass accuracy of 92% in his 39 passes. NGolo Kanté of Al-Ittihad FC was even more accurate, completing 93% of his 80 passes. Karim El Berkaoui also from Al-Raed achieved 2 key passes, and Igor Caique Coronado from Al-Ittihad FC managed 3. These impressive statistics show why these players are so integral to their respective teams.


Al-Raed and Al-Ittihad FC have both had impressive defensive performances this season. Al-Raed leads the way with 8 interceptions, led by Abdullah Al Fahad who has 2. Al-Ittihad FC is not far behind with 8 interceptions of their own, Ahmed Mohammed Abdulsayed Bamasud leading the team with 2. On the other hand, while Al-Ittihad FC has yet to record any interceptions, Al-Raed’s Bander Whaeshi has recorded 2 so far this season.


The results are in, and the leaders in face-to-face fights for ball are Yahya Sunbul Mubarak from Al-Raed with 6 and Ahmed Mohammed Abdulsayed Bamasud from Al-Ittihad FC with 8. These two players have demonstrated their commitment to the game and their skill on the field, showing that they are true leaders of their respective teams. Their dedication to the sport is evident and it’s no wonder that they have emerged as frontrunners in this competition. Congratulations to both Yahya Sunbul Mubarak and Ahmed Mohammed Abdulsayed Bamasud!

The last five games (including this match):

  • Al-Raed – L
  • Al-Ittihad FC – W

Top 5 Pro League scorers:

  1. Roberto Firmino Barbosa de Oliveira (3, Al-Ahli Jeddah)
  2. Malcom Filipe Silva de Oliveira (3, Al-Hilal Saudi FC)
  3. Igor Caique Coronado (2, Al-Ittihad FC)
  4. Andrei Girotto (1, Al Taawon)
  5. Feras Tariq Nasser Al Brikan (1, Al-Fateh)

Next games:

  • Al-Raed will play with Abha. August 19 at 15:00 (UTC), on Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Sports City Stadium.
  • Al-Ittihad FC will play with Al Taee. August 19 at 18:00 (UTC), on Prince Abdullah al-Faisal Stadium.
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