Farense Falls to Casa Pia 0-3 in Primeira Liga Matches

Farense were on the wrong end of a 0-3 defeat against Casa Pia in Match Day 1 of Primeira Liga. Clayton Fernandes Silva opened the scoring for Casa Pia at the 15th minute, before Pablo Roberto dos Santos_Barbosa and Saviour Amunde Godwin finished off the scoring with goals in the 64th and 90th minutes respectively. Farense were unable to find a way back into the game, and ultimately succumbed to defeat at home.



Mário Ricardo Silva Velho (rating 6.2)
Francisco Javier Delgado Rojano (rating 6.5)
Gonçalo Filipe Oliveira Silva (rating 6.6)
Zach Muscat (rating 6.9)
João Carlos Araújo Fonseca Silva (rating 6.7)
Elves Umar Baldé (rating 6.3)
Cláudio Falcão Santos (rating 6.7)
Mattheus de Andrade Gama Oliveira (rating 7)
Marco André da Silva Lopes Matias (rating 6.3)
Fabrício Isidoro Fonseca de Jesus (rating 6.9)
Rui Pedro Silva Costa (rating 7)

Casa Pia

Ricardo Jorge Cecília Batista (rating 7.2)
Fernando Lopes dos Santos Varela (rating 7.7)
Vasco Herculano Salgado Cunha Mango Fernandes (rating 7.2)
Nermin Zolotić (rating 6.6)
Gaizka Larrazabal Goikoetxea (rating 7.2)
Angelo Pelegrinelli Neto (rating 6.3)
Benedito Mambuene Mukendi (rating 6.6)
Leonardo Filipe da Cruz Lelo (rating 7.6)
Yuki Soma (rating 6.7)
Saviour Amunde Godwin (rating 7.9)
Clayton Fernandes Silva (rating 7.2)



Bruno Duarte da Silva (Mattheus de Andrade Gama Oliveira, 46)
Cristian Ioan Ponde (Elves Umar Baldé, 46)
Rafael Avelino Pereira Pinto Barbosa (Rui Pedro Silva Costa, 62)
Mohamed Elbachir Belloumi (Marco André da Silva Lopes Matias, 62)
Vítor Bruno Rodrigues Gonçalves (Cláudio Falcão Santos, 77)

Casa Pia

Pablo Roberto dos Santos Barbosa
(Angelo Pelegrinelli Neto, 56)
Wanderson Felippe Cardoso dos Santos
(Yuki Soma, 70)
Clecildo Rafael Martins de Souza Ladislau
(Clayton Fernandes Silva, 70)
João Aniceto Grandela Nunes
(Benedito Mambuene Mukendi, 81)
Diogo Costa Pinto
(Fernando Lopes dos Santos Varela, 81)

Ball possession:

The match between Farense and Casa Pia saw Farense with the majority of ball possession at 56%. Farense made 12 shots on target, 4 on goal, with João Carlos Araújo Fonseca Silva being the most active in terms of number of shots. Casa Pia made 16 shots on target, 7 on goal. The best in terms of hits on goal was Saviour Amunde Godwin. In the end it was a tight game and both teams had their chances to win, but no team could manage to take advantage of their opportunities.


Fabrício Isidoro Fonseca de Jesus, of Farense, had an impressive pass accuracy of 82%, making a total of 52 passes. His teammate Francisco Javier Delgado Rojano made one key pass during the game. On the other side, Vasco Herculano Salgado Cunha Mango Fernandes from Casa Pia showed a good performance too with a 80% pass accuracy, having 45 passes in total. Leonardo Filipe da Cruz Lelo from Casa Pia made four key passes during the match.


Farense and Casa Pia have been competing in a league match, with Farense making 9 interceptions and Casa Pia making 8. Farense’s leader in interceptions is Gonçalo Filipe Oliveira Silva, who has 2. Casa Pia’s leader in interceptions is Fernando Lopes dos Santos Varela, who has 1. Zach Muscat from Farense also had 2 interceptions to help contribute to their total of 5. Fernando Lopes dos Santos Varela from Casa Pia had a total of 3 interceptions which helped his team reach 4 overall. The competition between the two teams was very close but ultimately it was Farense with 9 that won the day.


The numbers don’t lie! Fabrício Isidoro Fonseca de Jesus of Farense and Gaizka Larrazabal Goikoetxea of Casa Pia are the undisputed leaders when it comes to face-to-face fights for the ball. With a total of ten and seven fights respectively, these two stand head and shoulders above the competition. It’s clear that they have an unrivaled passion for the game, and their commitment is inspiring!


Yellow cards:

  • Mohamed Elbachir Belloumi (Farense) at 65 minute
  • Rafael Avelino Pereira Pinto Barbosa (Farense) at 90 minute
  • Angelo Pelegrinelli Neto (Casa Pia) at 45 minute
  • Ricardo Jorge Cecília Batista (Casa Pia) at 49 minute
  • Benedito Mambuene Mukendi (Casa Pia) at 74 minute
  • Nermin Zolotić (Casa Pia) at 86 minute

Penalties in a match:

  • Saviour Amunde Godwin (Casa Pia) at 90 minute

The last five games (including this match):

  • Farense – L
  • Casa Pia – W

Top 5 Primeira Liga scorers:

  1. Kanya Fujimoto (2, GIL Vicente)
  2. Clayton Fernandes Silva (1, Casa Pia)
  3. Gabriel Pereira Magalhães dos Santos (1, GIL Vicente)
  4. Pablo Roberto dos Santos Barbosa (1, Casa Pia)
  5. Pedro Miguel Amorim Pereira Silva (1, GIL Vicente)

Next games:

  • Farense will play with FC Porto. August 20 at 17:00 (UTC), on Estádio Do Dragão.
  • Casa Pia will play with Sporting CP. August 18 at 19:15 (UTC), on Estádio Pina Manique.
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