SC Braga Suffers Defeat in Primeira Liga Fixtures Against Famalicao

Match Day 1 of the Primeira Liga kicked off with a nail biting game between SC Braga and Famalicao. The first goal of the match was scored by Ricardo Jorge da Luz Horta from SC Braga at the 9th minute, giving his team an early lead. Unfortunately, Famalicao did not give up and Afonso de Oliveira Rodrigues equalised in the 67th minute. In an unexpected twist, Óscar Aranda Subiela from Famalicao scored in the last minute of the game which gave them a final score of 1:2 over SC Braga.


SC Braga

Matheus Lima Magalhães (rating 6.2)
Víctor Gómez Perea (rating 6.7)
Paulo André Rodrigues de Oliveira (rating 6.6)
Serdar Saatçı (rating 7.2)
Cristián Alexis Borja González (rating 6.7)
Al Moatasembellah Ali Mohamed Al Musrati (rating 6.6)
Vitor Carvalho Vieira (rating 6.9)
Ricardo Jorge da Luz Horta (rating 7.9)
André Filipe Luz Horta (rating 7.2)
Armindo Tué Na Bangna (rating 6.9)
Abel Ruiz Ortega (rating 6.9)


Luíz Lúcio Reis Júnior (rating 6.6)
Martín Aguirregabiria Padilla (rating 7.2)
Riccieli Eduardo da Silva Júnior (rating 8)
Otávio Ataide da Silva (rating 6.9)
Francisco Sampaio de Moura (rating 7.5)
Gustavo Enrique Giordano Amaro Assunção da Sil (rating 6.3)
Zaydou-Dine Youssouf (rating 6.6)
Pablo Felipe Pereira de Jesus (rating 6.2)
Otso Liimatta (rating 6.3)
Mihai-Alexandru Dobre (rating 6.9)
Jhonder Leonel Cádiz Fernández (rating 7.3)


SC Braga

Álvaro Djaló Dias Fernandes (André Filipe Luz Horta, 59)
Josafat Wooding Mendes (Víctor Gómez Perea, 59)
André de Castro Pereira (Vitor Carvalho Vieira, 66)
Rodrigo Zalazar Martínez (Armindo Tué Na Bangna, 66)
Simon Bokoté Banza (Al Moatasembellah Ali Mohamed Al Musrati, 73)


Óscar Aranda Subiela (Otso Liimatta, 54)
Afonso de Oliveira Rodrigues (Mihai-Alexandru Dobre, 54)
Henrique Pereira Araújo (Pablo Felipe Pereira de Jesus, 64)
Tom Lacoux (Gustavo Enrique Giordano Amaro Assunção da Sil, 86)

Ball possession:

The match between SC Braga and Famalicao was a close one, but SC Braga had the upper hand in terms of ball possession with 60%. They also made 12 shots on target, 3 on goal, with Armindo Tué Na Bangna being the most active in terms of the number of shots. Famalicao put up a valiant effort with 13 shots on target and 4 on goal; however it was Gustavo Enrique Giordano Amaro Assunção da Sil who hit the most goals for them. In the end it was SC Braga who came out victorious.


Serdar Saatçı of SC Braga displayed impressive passing accuracy with 95% and a total of 90 passes. Riccieli Eduardo da Silva Júnior of Famalicao was close behind with 81% accuracy across 61 passes. André Filipe Luz Horta from SC Braga made 4 key passes, while Francisco Sampaio de Moura from Famalicao contributed 3.


SC Braga had a total of 10 interceptions this season, with Paulo André Rodrigues de Oliveira leading the team with four. Famalicao had five interceptions and Riccieli Eduardo da Silva Júnior was their leader with one. SC Braga also had two more interceptions, both made by Serdar Saatçı. Finally, Famalicao had six total interceptions and Riccieli Eduardo da Silva Júnior led the team again with two.


An interesting statistic has emerged among soccer teams in Portugal: Serdar Saatçı of SC Braga and Jhonder Leonel Cádiz Fernández of Famalicao are the clear leaders when it comes to face-to-face fights for the ball, with 7 and 11 battles won respectively. These two players have shown incredible tenacity and determination on the pitch, which has enabled them to achieve success in their respective teams. It looks like these two players will continue to be a force to be reckoned with this season.


Yellow cards:

  • Rodrigo Zalazar Martínez (SC Braga) at 83 minute
  • Cristián Alexis Borja González (SC Braga) at 83 minute
  • Álvaro Djaló Dias Fernandes (SC Braga) at 90 minute
  • Serdar Saatçı (SC Braga) at 90 minute
  • Zaydou-Dine Youssouf (Famalicao) at 6 minute
  • Gustavo Enrique Giordano Amaro Assunção da Sil (Famalicao) at 73 minute
  • Luíz Lúcio Reis Júnior (Famalicao) at 81 minute
  • Jhonder Leonel Cádiz Fernández (Famalicao) at 88 minute

The last five games (including this match):

  • SC Braga – L
  • Famalicao – W

Top 5 Primeira Liga scorers:

  1. Afonso de Oliveira Rodrigues (1, Famalicao)
  2. Ricardo Jorge da Luz Horta (1, SC Braga)
  3. Óscar Aranda Subiela (1, Famalicao)

Next games:

  • SC Braga will play with Chaves. August 19 at 17:00 (UTC), on Estádio Municipal Eng. Manuel Branco Teixeira.
  • Famalicao will play with Moreirense. August 21 at 19:15 (UTC), on Estádio Municipal 22 de Junho.
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