Al-Ahli Jeddah Clinches Victory in 3:1 Duel Against Al-Hazm in Pro League Match on August 11

The first match day of the Pro League saw a strong performance from Al-Ahli Jeddah, who defeated Al-Hazm 3:1.

Roberto Firmino opened the scoring for Al-Ahli Jeddah with a goal in the 6th minute to give them an early lead. The advantage was doubled 10 minutes later when Firmino struck again. Vinícius pulled one back for Al-Hazm in the 50th minute but it wasn’t enough as, 22 minutes later, Roberto Firmino netted his third of the game to ensure victory for his side.


Al-Ahli Jeddah

Édouard Osoque Mendy (rating 6.2)
Ali Hassan Muhammad Majrashi (rating 8.3)
Roger Ibañez da Silva (rating 6.9)
Abdulbasit Mohammed Ali Al-Hindi (rating 6.9)
Ezgjan Alioski (rating 7)
Ziyad Mubarak Eid Al Marwani Al Johani (rating 6.7)
Franck Yannick Kessié (rating 7.5)
Riyad Karim Mahrez (rating 7.2)
Ryad Boudebouz (rating 6.9)
Allan Irénée Saint-Maximin (rating 7.3)
Roberto Firmino Barbosa de Oliveira (rating 9.2)


Aymen Dahmen (rating 6.7)
Radhi Al-Oteibi (rating 6.2)
Sultan Tanker (rating 6.2)
Talal Ali Ahmed Al-Absi (rating 6.5)
Ahmad Al Mhemaid (rating 6)
Mansour Hamdan Ridha Al Rabei Al Shammari (rating 6.9)
Basil Yousef Al-Sayyali (rating 6.2)
Ben Hassan Traoré (rating 6.6)
António José Pinheiro de Carvalho (rating 6.3)
Vinícius Goes Barbosa de Souza (rating 7.2)
Yousef Sami Al Mozairib Al Shammari (rating 6.7)


Al-Ahli Jeddah

Fahad Ayidh Al Rashidi (Riyad Karim Mahrez, 66)
Mohammed Abdullah Eid Al-Majhad (Ryad Boudebouz, 66)
Hassan Hashim Al Ali (Allan Irénée Saint-Maximin, 90)
Ali Hassan Al Asmari


Nawaf Al-Habashi
(Sultan Tanker, 33)
Mohammed Al-Thain
(Ben Hassan Traoré, 46)
Ammar Siraj Yassin Al Najjar
(Basil Yousef Al-Sayyali, 70)
Yazeed Bakr Abdullah Al Bakr

Khalil Ibrahim Yahya Al Absi

Ball possession:

The match between Al-Ahli Jeddah and Al-Hazm was an intense game with both teams fighting for possession. Al-Ahli Jeddah held the majority of possession with 59% to Al-Hazm’s 41%. The teams were evenly matched in terms of shots on target, with 15 shots for Al-Ahli Jeddah and 12 for Al-Hazm, however it was Al-Ahli Jeddah who had more success in terms of hitting the target. Roberto Firmino led the way for them with seven successful shots on goal, whilst Nawaf Al Habashi was credited as having the most successful shots on goal from his team, managing three.


Franck Yannick Kessié of Al-Ahli Jeddah had an impressive pass accuracy of 97%, with 68 total passes. Ahmad Al Mhemaid of Al-Hazm achieved a respectable pass accuracy of 88%, completing 45 passes in total. Riyad Karim Mahrez, also from Al-Ahli Jeddah, made 4 key passes, while António José Pinheiro de Carvalho from Al-Hazm managed to make 3. All four players played crucial roles in their respective teams’ performances in the game.


Al-Ahli Jeddah is the leader in interceptions this season, with 11 total. Ali Hassan Muhammad Majrashi leads the team with 4 interceptions. Al-Hazm follows close behind with 5 total interceptions, and Sultan Tanker leading their team with 2. Al-Ahli Jeddah has 3 interceptions, led by Abdulbasit Mohammed Ali Al-Hindi who has 2 of them. Finally, Al-Hazm has 3 interceptions as well, with Mansour Hamdan Ridha Al Rabei Al Shammari having 1 of them.


The data reveals that Ali Hassan Muhammad Majrashi of Al-Ahli Jeddah and Mansour Hamdan Ridha Al Rabei Al Shammari of Al-Hazm are the leaders in terms of face-to-face fights for the ball. Majrashi leads with 12 such battles, while Shammari trails behind with 7. This shows an impressive level of hustle and determination from both players, and their commitment to their teams is clear. It’s no surprise that they are the leaders in this particular field – these two men have been setting a great example for the rest of their team mates.


Yellow cards:

  • Abdulbasit Mohammed Ali Al-Hindi (Al-Ahli Jeddah) at 86 minute
  • Yousef Sami Al Mozairib Al Shammari (Al-Hazm) at 13 minute
  • Ahmad Al Mhemaid (Al-Hazm) at 20 minute

The last five games (including this match):

  • Al-Ahli Jeddah – W
  • Al-Hazm – L

Top 5 Pro League scorers:

  1. Roberto Firmino (3, Al-Ahli Jeddah)
  2. Vinícius Goes Barbosa de Souza (1, Al-Hazm)

Next games:

  • Al-Ahli Jeddah will play with Al Khaleej Saihat. August 17 at 18:00 (UTC), on Prince Mohamed bin Fahd Stadium.
  • Al-Hazm will play with Al-Ettifaq. August 18 at 18:00 (UTC), on Ar-Rass Stadium.
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