Philadelphia Union Defeats New York City FC 2:1 in Major League Soccer Match

On Match Day 33 of Major League Soccer, Philadelphia Union faced off against New York City FC. José_Andrés_Martínez_Torres from Philadelphia Union was the first to break the ice with a goal at the 23 minute mark (1 : 0). Christopher Donovan from Philadelphia Union followed up shortly after with a goal at 81 minutes (2 : 0) to give them a comfortable lead. But New York City FC didn’t go down without a fight and Andres Jasson managed to get one back for them in the 86th minute (2 : 1). Ultimately, it wasn’t enough as Philadelphia Union held on for a 2-1 win.


Philadelphia Union

Andre Jason Blake (rating 6.6)
Olivier Mbaissidara Mbaïzo (rating 7)
Jakob Glesnes (rating 6.9)
Jack Stuart Elliott (rating 6.9)
Kai Harley Wagner (rating 7)
Alejandro Bedoya (rating 6.7)
José Andrés Martínez Torres (rating 7.5)
Jack Ryan McGlynn (rating 6.5)
Dániel Gazdag (rating 7.2)
Mikael Brandhof Uhre (rating 6.7)
Quinn Krippendorff Sullivan (rating 6.9)

New York City FC

Luis Eduardo Barraza (rating 6.2)
Tayvon Howard Gray (rating 6.9)
Maxime Paul Jackie Chanot (rating 6.9)
Justin Haak (rating 6.9)
Mitja Ilenič (rating 7.2)
Alfredo Eloy Galo Morales (rating 6.3)
Keaton Alexander Parks (rating 6.9)
Kevin OToole (rating 6.9)
Matías Pellegrini (rating 6.9)
Santiago Mariano Rodríguez Molina (rating 6.9)
Richard Ledezma (rating 6.3)


Philadelphia Union

Alejandro Bedoya (Jesús Daniel Bueno Áñez, 26)
Jack Ryan McGlynn (Leon Maximilian Flach, 74)
Quinn Krippendorff Sullivan (Christopher Donovan, 75)

New York City FC

Justin Haak (Thiago Martins Bueno, 57)
Richard Ledezma (Andres Jasson, 57)
Alfredo Eloy Galo Morales (James Hoban Sands, 57)
Mitja Ilenič (Gabriel Segal, 71)
Matías Pellegrini (Gabriel Pereira dos Santos, 82)

Ball possession:

The match between Philadelphia Union and New York City FC was an exciting one, with both teams fighting for possession. The stats show that New York City FC had the upper hand in ball possession, with 56% to Philadelphia Union’s 44%. In terms of shots on target, Philadelphia Union made 5 while New York City FC made 11. José Andrés Martínez Torres was the most active player in terms of shots for the Union while Keaton Alexander Parks led his team from NYCFC in terms of hits on goal. It was a close match that could have gone either way and has left fans looking forward to the next matchup between these two teams.


The recent MLS match between the Philadelphia Union and New York City FC saw some impressive performances from their respective players. Jack Stuart Elliott of the Philadelphia Union had a pass accuracy of 95%, over 61 total passes. His teammate Dániel Gazdag made two key passes, while Keaton Alexander Parks of New York City FC had an 89% pass accuracy over 77 total passes and Mitja Ilenič made three key passes. This indicates that both teams put in an excellent effort to control the game and create scoring opportunities for each other.


The Philadelphia Union and New York City FC have had very different interception numbers this season. The Union have made 12 interceptions, with Jakob Glesnes leading the way with 3. On the other hand, New York City FC has made 16 interceptions, with Kevin OToole having 5 of them. The Union also had 2 interceptions from Olivier Mbaissidara Mbaïzo and 1 from Thiago Martins Bueno while New York City FC only had 1 interception from Thiago Martins Bueno. This may give us an indication of which team is better at defending in their own half of the field.


The data shows that two soccer players are the leaders in terms of face-to-face fights for the ball: Jesús Daniel Bueno Áñez from Philadelphia Union and Justin Haak from New York City FC. With 6 and 5 fights respectively, these two players demonstrate their tenacity and willingness to do whatever it takes to help their team succeed. Their competitive spirit makes them stand out amongst their peers, and is a testament to why they have become leaders in the sport.

      The last five games (including this match):

      • Philadelphia Union – WWLLW
      • New York City FC – LDDWD

      Top 5 Major League Soccer scorers:

      1. Luciano Federico Acosta (12, FC Cincinnati)
      2. Dénis Athanase Bouanga (12, Los Angeles FC)
      3. Cristian Omar Espinoza (11, San Jose Earthquakes)
      4. Julián Simón Carranza (10, Philadelphia Union)
      5. Alan Pulido Izaguirre (10, Sporting Kansas City)

      Next games:

      • Philadelphia Union will play with FC Dallas. August 20 at 23:30 (UTC), on Subaru Park.
      • New York City FC will play with Minnesota United FC. August 20 at 23:30 (UTC), on Citi Field.
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