Chicago Fire Clinches Victory Over Toronto FC on Major League Soccers Opening Day

The Chicago Fire took on Toronto FC in Match Day 33 of Major League Soccer, and the game ended with a 1:0 victory for the Fire. The lone goal of the match came from K._Przybyłko, who scored in the 90th minute to give the home side an important win. It was a hard-fought affair, but in the end it was Przybyłko’s goal that proved to be decisive. This result puts Chicago Fire firmly in contention for a playoff spot this season, and will no doubt provide them with renewed confidence as they look ahead to their next game.


Chicago Fire

C. Brady (rating 6.6)
J. Dean (rating 6.9)
M. Pineda (rating 6.9)
R. Czichos (rating 7.3)
M. Navarro (rating 8.3)
F. Herbers (rating 6.3)
G. Giménez (rating 7.2)
M. Haile-Selassie (rating 6.7)
X. Shaqiri (rating 6.9)
B. Gutiérrez
G. Koutsias (rating 6.3)

Toronto FC

S. Johnson (rating 7.3)
K. Franklin (rating 6.9)
S. ONeill (rating 6.9)
S. Rosted (rating 7)
R. Petretta (rating 6.9)
D. Kerr (rating 6.2)
F. Ibarra (rating 6.6)
J. Osorio (rating 6.9)
J. Marshall-Rutty (rating 6.6)
A. Akinola (rating 6.3)
C. Sapong (rating 6.9)


Chicago Fire

G. Koutsias (K. Kamara, 46)
F. Herbers (J. Torres, 72)
G. Giménez (C. Terán, 80)
J. Dean (A. Souquet, 89)
M. Haile-Selassie (K. Przybyłko, 89)

Toronto FC

D. Kerr (L. Blessing, 52)
A. Akinola (Alonso Coello, 52)
S. Rosted (A. Mabika, 63)
R. Petretta (B. Servania, 69)
S. ONeill (M. Hedges, 69)

Ball possession:

The matchup between Chicago Fire and Toronto FC was an even match in terms of ball possession, with both sides having 50% each. Chicago Fire had the edge in terms of shots on target with 12 compared to Toronto FC’s 10. The most active shooter for Chicago Fire was Kei Kamara, while Kobe Franklin led the way for Toronto FC when it came to shots on target. Despite this, only 5 of Chicago Fire’s attempts ended up on goal compared to only 1 from Toronto FC.


5 tackles.

Rafael Czichos of the Chicago Fire had a pass accuracy of 92%, with 67 total passes. Jonathan Osorio of Toronto FC had a slightly lower pass accuracy of 88% and 78 total passes. Miguel Navarro from Chicago Fire had 3 key passes, while Jonathan Osorio from Toronto FC made 3.5 tackles during the game. Both teams put in impressive performances, with their players displaying great passing and tackling abilities.


The Chicago Fire and Toronto FC had very different results when it came to interceptions this season. The Chicago Fire had a total of 5 interceptions, with Jonathan Dean leading the way with 1. On the other hand, Toronto FC had 11 interceptions, with Sigurd Rosted having the most at 2. Rafael Czichos was also able to snag 2 interceptions for the Chicago Fire while Toronto FC didn’t record any.


Miguel Navarro of the Chicago Fire and Charles Sapong of Toronto FC have proven themselves to be real leaders on the field. Both players have demonstrated a willingness to fight for the ball, with Miguel Navarro leading the way with 11 face-to-face fights and Charles Sapong coming in a close second with 12. Their passion for the game is clear, and their team’s successes can no doubt be attributed to their hard work on the pitch.


    Yellow cards:

  • Rafael Czichos (Chicago Fire) at 76 minute
  • Raoul Petretta (Toronto FC) at 55 minute

    The last five games (including this match):

    • Chicago Fire – WWWWW
    • Toronto FC – LLLLL

    Top 5 Major League Soccer scorers:

    1. Hany Mukhtar (36, Nashville SC)
    2. Sebastián Driussi (31, Austin)
    3. Dániel Gazdag (31, Philadelphia Union)
    4. Julián Carranza (30, Philadelphia Union)
    5. Jesús Ferreira (28, FC Dallas)

    Next games:

    • Chicago Fire will play with Orlando City SC. August 21 at 00:30 (UTC), on Soldier Field.
    • Toronto FC will play with Montreal Impact. August 20 at 23:30 (UTC), on BMO Field.
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