Real Madrid Ready to Take on Almeria on April 29th

On April 29th, at 16:30 UTC, Real Madrid and Almeria will face off in a La Liga match. Real Madrid is currently in second place in the league, while Almeria is in fifteenth. Leading Real Madrid in the scoring department is Karim Benzema, who has put up an impressive 14 goals this season. For Almeria, Gonzalo Julián Melero Manzanares has scored 3 goals so far this season. This match promises to be an exciting match as Real Madrid looks to keep their spot in the top of the league, while Almeria fights to climb up the standings.

This season has been a good one for Real Madrid, with a strong performance both at home and away. At home, they recorded 10 wins, 4 draws, and only 1 loss. On the road, they won a total of 1 game, drew 4, and lost 10. Their biggest win of the season came at home, with a score of 6-0, and their biggest loss was a 2-3 defeat at home. Away from home, the biggest scoreline was a 1-4 win, and their biggest loss was a 4-2 defeat. All in all, it was a solid season for Real Madrid, with promising signs for next season.

The key statistics of the players of both teams this season:

  • Assists: Vinícius Júnior (Real Madrid) — 8 assists, Lucas Robertone (Almeria) — 7 assists.
  • Goalkeepers saves: Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid) — 60, Fernando Martínez (Almeria) — 114
  • Tackles: Aurélien Tchouaméni (Real Madrid) — 37, Lucas Robertone (Almeria) — 35.
  • Most encounters won: Vinícius Júnior (Real Madrid) — 237, Lucas Robertone (Almeria) — 155.
  • Yellow cards: Vinícius Júnior (Real Madrid) — 9, Rodrigo Ely (Almeria) — 8.
  • Red cards: Toni Kroos (Real Madrid) — 1, Rodrigo Ely (Almeria) — 1.

Top 5 scorers this season:

  1. Robert Lewandowski (18, Barcelona)
  2. Karim Benzema (14, Real Madrid)
  3. Joselu (13, Espanyol)
  4. Borja Iglesias (12, Real Betis)
  5. Vedat Muriqi (12, Mallorca)

Team statistics:

This season has been an interesting one for Real Madrid and Almeria. Real Madrid has played 12 matches without scoring a single goal, while Almeria has managed to keep a clean sheet in two matches. Almeria has achieved the biggest winning score gap in a home game with a 3-1 score, and away with a 1-2 score. The biggest loss for Almeria was at home with a 0-2 score and away with a 6-2 score. This season has been a challenge for both teams, but it is clear that Almeria has come out on top.

The five previous matches played by the teams:

  • Real Madrid — LWWLW
  • Almeria — WLLWD

Real Madrid has had an up-and-down last few games, with a record of three wins, one loss, and one draw. Their opponents, Almeria, have also seen a mix of results recently, with two wins, two losses, and one draw. It will be an interesting matchup as both teams will be looking to get back on track with a win.

According to home statistics this season, Real Madrid scores more goals and concedes more in the following intervals:

Intervals Goal Scored, % Goals conceded, %
0-15 14.06% 17.24%
16-30 7.81% 13.79%
31-45 20.31% 17.24%
46-60 12.50% 13.79%
61-75 15.63% 13.79%
76-90 20.31% 20.69%
91-105 9.38% 3.45%

Almeria has the following time frames of scoring and conceding goals:

Intervals Goal Scored, % Goals conceded, %
0-15 15.38% 11.54%
16-30 17.95% 15.38%
31-45 20.51% 11.54%
46-60 23.08% 17.31%
61-75 10.26% 23.08%
76-90 5.13% 15.38%
91-105 7.69% 5.77%

Head-to-head stats:

Teams Games Win Draws Losses
Real Madrid 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Almeria 0 0 0 0 0 0

Probabilities before the match:

Real Madrid Almeria
69.4% Winning the game 30.6%
64% Attack potential 36%
53% Potential in defense 47%
100% Strength against each other 0%
90% Goal Potential 10%

Summary: the probability of Almeria winning – 10%, draw – 45%, loss – 45%. Thus Real Madrid, most likely, win (win or draw)

Goal Forecast:Real Madrid, is likely to score 5 goals, Almeria is likely to score no more than 3.

The bookmaker odds for this match:

Home win Draw Away win

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The match between the teams Real Madrid and Almeria will take place on April 29 at 16:30 (UTC) at the stadium Estadio Santiago Bernabéu.

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