FC Porto Overpower Pacos Ferreira in Primeira Liga Double Header

The Match Day 29 of Primeira Liga saw Pacos Ferreira take on FC Porto. It was a match that ultimately saw FC Porto take the win with a score of 0-2. M._Taremi from FC Porto scored the first goal at 66 minutes, while T._Martinez from FC Porto scored the second goal at 83 minutes to give them the win. This victory puts FC Porto further ahead in the standings and is sure to give their fans something to cheer about.


Pacos Ferreira

Igor Vekić (rating 6.2)
Juan Delgado (rating 7)
Erick Ferigra (rating 7)
Nuno Lima (rating 6.3)
Vitorino Antunes (rating 6.9)
Luiz Carlos (rating 6.5)
Rui Pires (rating 6.7)
Jordan Holsgrove (rating 5.3)
Nicolás Gaitán (rating 7)
Alexandre Guedes (rating 6.6)
Uilton Silva (rating 6.7)

FC Porto

Diogo Costa (rating 6.9)
Wilson Manafá (rating 6.9)
Pepe (rating 8)
Iván Marcano (rating 7.2)
Wendell (rating 6.9)
Pepê (rating 6.6)
Otávio (rating 7.9)
Mateus Uribe (rating 7)
Wenderson Galeno (rating 6.6)
Evanilson (rating 7.5)
Mehdi Taremi (rating 7.3)


Pacos Ferreira

P. Bernardo (N. Gaitan, 46)
J. Silva (Luiz Carlos, 58)
T. Ribeiro (J. Delgado, 58)
Fabio Gomes (A. Guedes, 76)
N. Thomas (R. Pires, 76)

FC Porto

A. Franco (W. Manafa, 61)
Danny Namaso (M. Taremi, 77)
T. Martinez (Evanilson, 78)
M. Grujic (M. Uribe, 86)
S. Eustaquio (Otavio, 86)

Ball possession:

The match between Pacos Ferreira and FC Porto was a one-sided affair with the latter dominating ball possession by 70%. Pacos Ferreira made 8 shots on target, but none of them were converted into goals. Alexandre Guedes was the most active in terms of the number of shots taken. On the other hand, FC Porto made 10 shots on target out of which 4 were converted into goals. Mehdi Taremi proved to be their best player in terms of hits on goal. In the end, FC Porto easily won this match due to their superior ball possession and better conversion rate for their shots on target.


Erick Ferigra of Pacos Ferreira had an impressive 86% pass accuracy while making 30 total passes. Pepe of FC Porto was even more successful, with a 93% pass accuracy and 103 total passes. Vitorino Antunes of Pacos Ferreira managed to make 1 key pass, while Wenderson Galeno of FC Porto made 2 key passes. These four players provided excellent support on the field for their respective teams.


Paco Ferreira and FC Porto both had impressive defensive performances this season. Pacos Ferreira led the way with 8 interceptions, with Vitorino Antunes being the leader of the pack with 3 interceptions. On the other side, FC Porto also had 8 interceptions, though Wilson Manafá was their top interceptor with 1 interception. Pacos Ferreira also had 3 interceptions, with Alexandre Guedes leading the team in that category at 2. Finally, FC Porto had 5 interceptions on the season and Pepe was their most prolific interceptor at 2 for the season.


Paulo Bernardo and Pepe are the leaders in their respective teams when it comes to face-to-face fights for the ball. Paulo Bernardo is from Pacos Ferreira and has a total of 10 successful face-to-face fights for the ball, while Pepe from FC Porto has an impressive 11 successes. Both players have proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with on the field, making them valuable assets for their respective teams.


    Yellow cards:

  • N. Lima (Pacos Ferreira) at 38 minute
  • R. Pires (Pacos Ferreira) at 40 minute
  • J. Holsgrove (Pacos Ferreira) at 45 minute
  • J. Holsgrove (Pacos Ferreira) at 45 minute
  • J. Delgado (Pacos Ferreira) at 45 minute
  • I. Marcano (FC Porto) at 68 minute
  • Red cards:

  • J. Holsgrove (Pacos Ferreira) at 45 minute

Penalties in a match:

  • M. Taremi (FC Porto) at 66 minute

The last five games (including this match):

  • Pacos Ferreira – LLLDD
  • FC Porto – WWWWW

Top 5 Primeira Liga scorers:

  1. Gonçalo Ramos (10, Benfica)
  2. Mehdi Taremi (8, FC Porto)
  3. Ricardo Horta (7, SC Braga)
  4. João Mário (7, Benfica)
  5. Pedro Gonçalves (7, Sporting CP)

Next games:

  • Pacos Ferreira will play with Vizela. April 29 at 17:00 (UTC), on Estádio Do Vizela.
  • FC Porto will play with Boavista. April 30 at 17:00 (UTC), on Estádio Do Dragão.
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