Benfica Claims Victory with Late Goal in Primeira Liga Showdown Against Estoril

Benfica took on Estoril in Match Day 29 of the Primeira Liga and came away with a 1:0 win. The only goal of the match was scored by N._Otamendi from Benfica at the 44th minute, giving his team an important victory as they continue their hunt for the league title. Both teams put up a strong fight throughout the game, but it was Benfica who eventually emerged victorious. This result gives them an advantage going into their next matches as they look to secure a spot in Europe for next season.



Odysseas Vlachodimos (rating 6.6)
Fredrik Aursnes (rating 7.2)
António Silva (rating 6.9)
Nicolás Otamendi (rating 7.6)
Alejandro Grimaldo (rating 6.9)
João Neves (rating 6.9)
Chiquinho (rating 7.3)
David Neres (rating 7)
Rafa Silva (rating 7.3)
João Mário (rating 6.9)
Gonçalo Ramos (rating 6.5)


Daniel Figueira (rating 7.3)
Tiago Santos (rating 6.9)
Pedro Álvaro (rating 7.2)
Bernardo Vital (rating 6.5)
Joãozinho (rating 6.6)
Carlos Eduardo (rating 5.9)
João Gamboa (rating 6.6)
João Carvalho (rating 7.3)
Joao Marques (rating 6.3)
Tiago Araújo (rating 6.3)
Cassiano (rating 6.9)



P. Musa (G. Ramos, 64)
Florentino (Chiquinho, 64)
G. Guedes (D. Neres, 86)


F. Geraldes (T. Araujo, 46)
R. Guitane (J. Gamboa, 77)
A. Marques (Cassiano, 77)
S. J. Lea (J. Marques, 77)

Ball possession:

The game between Benfica and Estoril was an exciting one, with Benfica dominating the ball possession with 60%. They also made 19 shots on target, 5 of which were successful and Rafa Silva being the most active in terms of number of shots. Estoril, on the other hand, only managed to make 4 shots on target but none on goal. Pedro Álvaro was their most successful player in terms of hits on goal.


João Neves of Benfica had an impressive pass accuracy of 88%, with 79 passes in total. Pedro Álvaro of Estoril had a slightly lower pass accuracy of 84%, with 57 passes in total. Chiquinho, also from Benfica, made 3 key passes while Tiago Santos from Estoril made 1. Both teams showed strong passing ability throughout the match.


Benfica had a total of 6 interceptions during the match, with their leader Nicolás Otamendi making 2 of them. Estoril had a much lower total, with only 2 interceptions, 1 of which was made by Pedro Álvaro. Benfica did not have any interceptions during the match, while Estoril had 6 with Tiago Santos making 2 of them. This reflects the difference in defensive strategies between the two sides and shows that Benfica’s strategy did not work as well as that of Estoril’s.


The battle for the ball is one of the most important elements in any soccer match. That’s why it’s no surprise that João Neves and Cassiano are two of the top players in their respective teams, having won a total of 21 face-to-face fights for the ball between them. João Neves, who plays for Benfica, leads with 12 victories, while Cassiano from Estoril follows with 9. Their determination and tenacity to win every battle for possession makes them invaluable members of their teams.


    Yellow cards:

  • N. Otamendi (Benfica) at 60 minute
  • A. Grimaldo (Benfica) at 90 minute
  • S. J. Lea (Estoril) at 90 minute
  • F. Geraldes (Estoril) at 90 minute

    The last five games (including this match):

    • Benfica – WLLWW
    • Estoril – LLLWL

    Top 5 Primeira Liga scorers:

    1. Gonçalo Ramos (10, Benfica)
    2. Mehdi Taremi (8, FC Porto)
    3. Ricardo Horta (7, SC Braga)
    4. João Mário (7, Benfica)
    5. Pedro Gonçalves (7, Sporting CP)

    Next games:

    • Benfica will play with GIL Vicente. April 29 at 19:30 (UTC), on Estádio Cidade de Barcelos.
    • Estoril will play with Santa Clara. April 30 at 14:30 (UTC), on Estádio António Coimbra da Mota.
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