Liverpool and Nottingham Forest to Clash on April 22 at 14:00 UTC

On April 22nd at 14:00 UTC, Liverpool and Nottingham Forest will face off in a match that is sure to be an exciting one. Liverpool is currently in the eighth place in the English Premier League, while Nottingham Forest is in eighteenth place. Both teams have been playing well this season and are sure to put on a great show. Liverpool’s standout player Mohamed Salah has been in stellar form this season, scoring fifteen goals. Nottingham Forest’s Brennan Johnson has also been performing well, scoring eight goals this season. It will be an interesting match to follow and an exciting one to witness.

This season has been an incredible one for Liverpool, with the team winning nine of their home games and only suffering one loss. On top of that, they were able to secure a convincing away win against Nottingham Forest, with a score of 1-6. Their biggest loss of the season came at home against their opponents, with a final score of 1-2. Meanwhile, Nottingham Forest have not fared as well, with only one win, three draws, and eleven losses during their away games. Liverpool have certainly proved themselves to be the superior side, and it looks like they’ll be the ones celebrating come the end of the season.

The key statistics of the players of both teams this season:

  • Assists: Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) — 7 assists, Brennan Johnson (Nottingham Forest) — 2 assists.
  • Goalkeepers saves: Alisson (Liverpool) — 90, Dean Henderson (Nottingham Forest) — 55
  • Tackles: Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) — 34, Neco Williams (Nottingham Forest) — 31.
  • Most encounters won: Casemiro (Liverpool) — 125, Neco Williams (Nottingham Forest) — 123.
  • Yellow cards: Fabinho (Liverpool) — 9, Brennan Johnson (Nottingham Forest) — 6.
  • Red cards: Casemiro (Liverpool) — 2, (Nottingham Forest) — 0.

Top 5 scorers this season:

  1. Erling Haaland (32, Manchester City)
  2. Harry Kane (23, Tottenham)
  3. Ivan Toney (18, Brentford)
  4. Mohamed Salah (15, Liverpool)
  5. Marcus Rashford (15, Manchester United)

Team statistics:

This season, Liverpool have had 11 games without scoring a goal, while Nottingham Forest have kept 7 clean sheets. Nottingham Forest have had the biggest winning score gap at home, with a 2-0 victory, and away with a 0-1 win. The biggest loss for Nottingham Forest at home was 0-2, and the biggest loss away was 6-0. These results show that both teams have experienced highs and lows this season, but have largely been able to remain competitive.

The five previous matches played by the teams:

  • Liverpool — WDDLL
  • Nottingham Forest — LLLDL

The last five games for Liverpool have been a mixed bag, with two wins, two losses, and a draw. Nottingham Forest, on the other hand, have not had the best of luck, with five losses in their last five games. It appears that Liverpool have the upper hand going into their next game against Nottingham Forest.

According to home statistics this season, Liverpool scores more goals and concedes more in the following intervals:

Intervals Goal Scored, % Goals conceded, %
0-15 14.81% 18.42%
16-30 11.11% 13.16%
31-45 22.22% 15.79%
46-60 12.96% 26.32%
61-75 16.67% 13.16%
76-90 20.37% 13.16%
91-105 1.85% 0%

Nottingham Forest has the following time frames of scoring and conceding goals:

Intervals Goal Scored, % Goals conceded, %
0-15 17.39% 7.02%
16-30 17.39% 21.05%
31-45 8.70% 8.77%
46-60 21.74% 24.56%
61-75 4.35% 12.28%
76-90 30.43% 21.05%
91-105 0% 5.26%

Head-to-head stats:

Teams Games Win Draws Losses
Liverpool 1 0 1 0 0 0 0
Nottingham Forest 0 0 0 0 1 0

Probabilities before the match:

Liverpool Nottingham Forest
67.7% Winning the game 32.3%
75% Attack potential 25%
53% Potential in defense 47%
50% Strength against each other 50%
50% Goal Potential 50%

Summary: the probability of Nottingham Forest winning – 10%, draw – 45%, loss – 45%. Thus Liverpool, most likely, win (win or draw)

Goal Forecast:Liverpool, is likely to score 4 goals, Nottingham Forest is likely to score no more than 2.

The bookmaker odds for this match:

Home win Draw Away win

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The match between the teams Liverpool and Nottingham Forest will take place on April 22 at 14:00 (UTC) at the stadium Anfield.

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