SC Braga Wins Primeira Liga Games Against GIL Vicente On April 21 and 23

SC Braga recently secured a vital 1-0 win over GIL Vicente in Match Day 28 of the Primeira Liga. The only goal of the match was scored by R._Horta from SC Braga in the 30th minute, proving to be decisive and helping his side to three points. It was an important victory for SC Braga, who now look set to secure their place as one of Portugal’s top teams this season.


SC Braga

Matheus (rating 7)
Victor Gómez (rating 6.7)
Vítor Tormena (rating 7.2)
Sikou Niakaté (rating 7.2)
Cristián Borja (rating 8.2)
Iuri Medeiros (rating 7.2)
André Horta (rating 7.3)
Mutassim Al Musrati (rating 7.3)
Bruma (rating 7.5)
Abel Ruíz (rating 6.3)
Ricardo Horta (rating 7.9)

GIL Vicente

Andrew (rating 8.2)
Carraça (rating 7.9)
Gabriel Pereira (rating 6.9)
Rúben Fernandes (rating 7.3)
Adrián Marín (rating 6.5)
Vítor Carvalho (rating 7.2)
Giorgi Aburjania (rating 6.9)
Murilo Souza (rating 6.2)
Kanya Fujimoto (rating 6.3)
Marlon (rating 6.5)
Fran Navarro (rating 6.7)


SC Braga

S. Banza (A. Ruiz, 59)
U. Racic (Al Musrati, 69)
Pizzi (I. Medeiros, 69)
A. Djalo (Bruma, 79)
P. Oliveira (S. Niakate, 79)

GIL Vicente

Pedro Tiba (K. Fujimoto, 62)
K. Villodres (Marlon, 75)
B. Aouacheria (Murilo, 75)

Ball possession:

The match between SC Braga and GIL Vicente was a close one, with GIL Vicente having a slight edge in terms of ball possession at 53% compared to SC Braga’s 47%. SC Braga had the most shots on target, with 19 compared to GIL Vicente’s 10. The most active player in terms of number of shots was Bruma from SC Braga. Despite this, GIL Vicente had more hits on goal with 3 compared to SC Braga’s 10. The player with the best hits on goal was Carraça from GIL Vicente.


André Horta of SC Braga had an impressive 87% pass accuracy in 58 total passes, while Carraça of GIL Vicente was even better with 88% accuracy over 67 passes. Cristián Borja also of SC Braga made 5 key passes, and Carraça had 2. This data shows that both André and Carraça have excellent passing abilities, as well as Cristián’s ability to make critical plays.


SC Braga is leading the pack when it comes to interceptions, with 14 total on the season. Cristián Borja has led the way for them, with 4 interceptions. GIL Vicente is far behind, but have still managed to make 7 interceptions. Rúben Fernandes leads the team with 2, while Gabriel Pereira follows close behind with 2 of his own. SC Braga’s Vítor Tormena contributed 1 interception this season as well. With a total of 19 interceptions between them so far this season, both teams are showing their potential on defense and will look to continue their success in upcoming games.


Cristián Borja of SC Braga and Vítor Carvalho of GIL Vicente are the leaders in their respective teams when it comes to face-to-face fights for the ball. Cristián Borja has 8 while Vítor Carvalho has 9, indicating that both players are highly skilled and determined when competing for control of the game. Their tenacity on the pitch makes them invaluable assets to their respective teams and highlights why they have achieved such success in their careers.


    Yellow cards:

  • Al Musrati (SC Braga) at 18 minute
  • Matheus Magalhaes (SC Braga) at 88 minute
  • Vitor Carvalho (GIL Vicente) at 90 minute

    The last five games (including this match):

    • SC Braga – WWWWW
    • GIL Vicente – LDDLL

    Top 5 Primeira Liga scorers:

    1. Gonçalo Ramos (10, Benfica)
    2. Mehdi Taremi (7, FC Porto)
    3. João Mário (7, Benfica)
    4. Rafa Mújica (6, Arouca)
    5. Francisco Trincão (6, Sporting CP)

    Next games:

    • SC Braga will play with Casa Pia. April 21 at 19:15 (UTC), on Estádio Nacional.
    • GIL Vicente will play with Portimonense. April 23 at 14:30 (UTC), on Estádio Municipal de Portimão.
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