Rio Ave and Casa Pia Play to 1-1 Draw in Primeira Liga Match

It was a close match between Rio Ave and Casa Pia in Match Day 28 of the Primeira Liga. Rafael Martins scored the first goal for Casa Pia at the 17th minute, giving them an early 0-1 lead. However, Rio Ave was determined to make a comeback and R. Pantalon equalized at the 52nd minute, ending the game with a 1-1 draw. Both teams had their chances but in the end could not secure a win, leaving their fate undecided until next week’s match day.


Rio Ave

Jhonatan (rating 6.7)
Renato Pantalon (rating 8)
Aderllan Santos (rating 7)
Patrick William (rating 6.2)
Costinha (rating 6.9)
Andreas Samaris (rating 7.2)
Gonçalo Rodrigues (rating 7.2)
Fábio Ronaldo (rating 7)
João Graça (rating 6.6)
André Pereira (rating 7.3)
Emmanuel Boateng (rating 6.7)

Casa Pia

Ricardo Batista (rating 6.9)
João Nunes (rating 6.9)
Fernando Varela (rating 6.3)
Nermin Zolotić (rating 6.6)
Derick Poloni (rating 6.5)
Afonso Taira (rating 6.9)
Neto (rating 6.9)
Leonardo Lelo (rating 6.6)
Yuki Soma (rating 6.5)
Rafael Martins (rating 7.2)
Saviour Godwin (rating 6.3)


Rio Ave

Savio (P. William, 46)
Hernani (E. Boateng, 46)
L. Ruiz (Andre Pereira, 76)
M. Baeza (A. Samaris, 83)
V. Paulo (J. Graca, 89)

Casa Pia

B. Mukendi (Neto, 67)
V. Fernandes (Y. Soma, 73)
Lucas Soares (Derick Poloni, 73)
Cuca (A. Taira, 84)
T. Kunimoto (G. Saviour, 84)

Ball possession:

In the match between Rio Ave and Casa Pia, it was clear who had the upper hand in terms of ball possession. Rio Ave held 60% of the possession, while Casa Pia had 40%. In terms of shots on target, Rio Ave made 10 attempts with 4 making it on goal. The most active player in this regard was André Pereira. Meanwhile, Casa Pia managed 7 shots on target with 2 hitting the net. João Nunes proved to be the best in terms of hits on goal for Casa Pia.


Aderllan Santos of Rio Ave had an impressive passing accuracy of 88%, completing 80 passes in total. On the other hand, Nermin Zolotić of Casa Pia completed 58 passes with an accuracy of 84%. Andreas Samaris from Rio Ave provided 3 key passes, while Neto from Casa Pia contributed 2. These stats show that both teams had players who showed great passing accuracy and skill.


Rio Ave has had a successful season when it comes to interceptions, with 9 total for the team and 4 of them coming from leader Costinha. Casa Pia follows close behind with 9 interceptions as well, although João Nunes leads the way for them with 2. Rio Ave also has Renato Pantalon who has made 1 interception this season. Casa Pia does not have any interceptions credited to any of its players in this season.


The data shows that Fábio Ronaldo and Afonso Taira are the leaders in their respective teams when it comes to face-to-face fights for the ball. Fábio Ronaldo, who plays for Rio Ave, has participated in 10 fights while Afonso Taira of Casa Pia has taken part in 9 such battles. These two players clearly demonstrate a competitive spirit on the field and have been successful at winning the ball from their opponents.


    Yellow cards:

  • P. William (Rio Ave) at 27 minute
  • Neto (Casa Pia) at 29 minute
  • F. Varela (Casa Pia) at 57 minute
  • Clayton (Casa Pia) at 75 minute

    The last five games (including this match):

    • Rio Ave – DDLWW
    • Casa Pia – DLLLW

    Top 5 Primeira Liga scorers:

    1. Gonçalo Ramos (10, Benfica)
    2. Mehdi Taremi (7, FC Porto)
    3. João Mário (7, Benfica)
    4. Rafa Mújica (6, Arouca)
    5. Francisco Trincão (6, Sporting CP)

    Next games:

    • Rio Ave will play with Boavista. April 22 at 17:00 (UTC), on Estádio do Bessa Século XXI.
    • Casa Pia will play with SC Braga. April 21 at 19:15 (UTC), on Estádio Nacional.
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