FC Porto Edges Out Win Against Santa Clara in Primeira Liga Matchup

FC Porto emerged victorious in a thrilling match against Santa Clara on Match Day 28 of Primeira Liga with a score of 2:1. In the 34th minute, M._Uribe from FC Porto opened the scoring with a goal to make it 1:0. Then, in the 80th minute, Danny_Namaso from FC Porto scored again for his team to make it 2:0. Finally, K._Tagawa from Santa Clara was able to score a goal in the 90th minute but it was not enough as FC Porto ultimately won 2:1.


FC Porto

Diogo Costa (rating 6.3)
Wilson Manafá (rating 6.7)
Pepe (rating 6.7)
Iván Marcano (rating 7)
Wendell (rating 6.3)
Stephen Eustaquio (rating 6.9)
Mateus Uribe (rating 7.2)
Pepê (rating 6.9)
Otávio (rating 6.9)
Wenderson Galeno (rating 7.2)
Toni Martínez (rating 7.5)

Santa Clara

Gabriel Batista (rating 6.5)
Pierre Sagna (rating 6.2)
Ygor Nogueira (rating 6.3)
Kennedy Boateng (rating 6.3)
Matheus Araújo (rating 6.3)
Bruno Jordão (rating 6.6)
Adriano Firmino (rating 6.6)
Ricardinho (rating 6)
Costinha (rating 6.2)
Allano (rating 6.6)
Matheus Babi (rating 6.6)


FC Porto

Evanilson (S. Eustaquio, 56)
A. Franco (W. Manafa, 66)
Danny Namaso (T. Martinez, 67)
G. Borges (Galeno, 89)
B. Folha (Otavio, 89)

Santa Clara

Andrezinho (Allano, 63)
F. Stevanovic (Ricardinho, 76)
Diogo Calila (P. Sagna, 76)
Gabriel Silva (Costinha, 88)
K. Tagawa (Matheus Babi, 88)

Ball possession:

In the match between FC Porto and Santa Clara, FC Porto dominated ball possession with a 66% majority. They also made 12 shots on target, of which 4 were on goal. Mateus Uribe made the most attempts with an impressive tally of shots. Santa Clara attempted 8 shots on target, 2 of which were on goal. Pierre Sagna was their most successful player in terms of hits on goal. Ultimately, it was a tightly contested match that saw both teams have plenty of opportunities to score but ultimately ended in a draw.


5 tackles per game.

Pepe and Wilson Manafá represented FC Porto in their match against Santa Clara, while Adriano Firmino and Bruno Jordão played for the opposing team. Pepe had an impressive pass accuracy of 82% with 94 total passes, while Adriano Firmino achieved a pass accuracy of 90% with 30 total passes. Wilson Manafá made one key pass for FC Porto, and Bruno Jordão was strong in defense with 1.5 tackles per game for Santa Clara.


FC Porto has had a total of nine interceptions this season, with Iván Marcano leading the team with two. Meanwhile, Santa Clara has seen an impressive thirteen interceptions, lead by Bruno Jordão who has three. FC Porto’s lone interception came from Stephen Eustaquio and Santa Clara have yet to record any interceptions so far this season.


Pepê and Matheus Babi are the standout players when it comes to face-to-face fights for the ball. Pepê has 8 successful fights for the ball while playing for FC Porto, and Matheus Babi has 9 successful face-to-face fights with Santa Clara. These two players have proven themselves to be leaders in their respective teams in this area of the game. It’s no surprise that both teams have seen success due to these two outstanding players’ contributions on the pitch.


    Yellow cards:

  • I. Marcano (FC Porto) at 51 minute
  • A. Franco (FC Porto) at 89 minute
  • Costinha (Santa Clara) at 17 minute
  • B. Jordao (Santa Clara) at 20 minute
  • Ygor Nogueira (Santa Clara) at 32 minute
  • Allano (Santa Clara) at 33 minute
  • P. Sagna (Santa Clara) at 41 minute

Penalties in a match:

  • M. Uribe (FC Porto) at 34 minute

The last five games (including this match):

  • FC Porto – WWWWW
  • Santa Clara – LLLLL

Top 5 Primeira Liga scorers:

  1. Gonçalo Ramos (10, Benfica)
  2. Mehdi Taremi (7, FC Porto)
  3. João Mário (7, Benfica)
  4. Rafa Mújica (6, Arouca)
  5. Francisco Trincão (6, Sporting CP)

Next games:

  • FC Porto will play with Pacos Ferreira. April 22 at 19:30 (UTC), on Estádio da Capital do Móvel.
  • Santa Clara will play with Chaves. April 23 at 17:00 (UTC), on Estádio de São Miguel.
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