Napoli and Verona Play Scoreless Draw in Serie A


The match between Napoli and Verona in Match Day 30 of Serie A ended in a 0-0 draw. Both teams were looking for a victory, but neither could find a breakthrough to earn the three points. Napoli’s attack was relentless, but it couldn’t break through Verona’s sturdy defense. On the other side of the pitch, Verona had several chances but failed to capitalize on them. In the end, both sides had to settle for a draw and move on to their next match with one point each.



Alex Meret (rating 7.5)
Giovanni Di Lorenzo (rating 7.3)
Min-jae Kim (rating 7.3)
Juan Jesus (rating 7.3)
Mathías Olivera (rating 7.2)
Frank Anguissa (rating 6.9)
Diego Demme (rating 6.9)
Eljif Elmas (rating 6.9)
Matteo Politano (rating 7.2)
Giacomo Raspadori (rating 6.9)
Hirving Lozano (rating 6.5)


Lorenzo Montipò (rating 7.3)
Paweł Dawidowicz (rating 7.2)
Isak Hien (rating 7.7)
Federico Ceccherini (rating 6.3)
Davide Faraoni (rating 6.7)
Adrien Tameze (rating 6.9)
Oliver Abildgaard (rating 7.2)
Fabio Depaoli (rating 6.2)
Ondrej Duda (rating 6.7)
Kevin Lasagna (rating 6.9)
Adolfo Gaich (rating 6.3)



P. Zielinski (D. Demme, 64)
K. Kvaratskhelia (H. Lozano, 64)
V. Osimhen (G. Raspadori, 73)
S. Lobotka (E. Elmas, 73)
K. Zedadka (M. Politano, 84)


D. Coppola (F. Ceccherini, 65)
M. Djuric (A. Gaich, 65)
F. Terracciano (D. Faraoni, 69)
S. Verdi (O. Duda, 69)
C. Ngonge (K. Lasagna, 87)

Ball possession:

Napoli had an overwhelming lead in ball possession during their match against Verona, controlling 80% of the time. This advantage allowed them to take nine shots on target, one of which went in for a goal. Giovanni Di Lorenzo was the most active player with his multiple attempts, while Verona only managed five shots on target and two on goal. Kevin Lasagna was their key player in this regard with the highest number of hits on goal.


Juan Jesus from Napoli had an impressive passing accuracy of 90%, making 134 passes in total. Adrien Tameze of Verona was also impressive with a pass accuracy of 85% and 21 total passes. Frank Anguissa from Napoli made 2 key passes, while Davide Faraoni from Verona made 1. It was a great display of passing from both teams, with the players showing their skills on the field.


Napoli and Verona are two Italian football teams that faced off against each other recently. In terms of interceptions, Napoli had 8 with Mathías Olivera leading the way with 4. On the other hand, Verona had 10 interceptions with Paweł Dawidowicz having the most at 4. For Napoli, no one was able to get an interception whereas for Verona it was Isak Hien who got 1 interception.


Mathías Olivera from Napoli and Oliver Abildgaard from Verona are the clear leaders of their respective teams when it comes to face-to-face fights for the ball. Both have shown remarkable determination and tenacity by engaging in a total of nine face-to-face fights each. Their commitment to their teams is admirable, and they have certainly made an impact on the game.


    Yellow cards:

  • K. Kvaratskhelia (Napoli) at 90 minute
  • F. Ceccherini (Verona) at 14 minute
  • F. Terracciano (Verona) at 78 minute
  • P. Dawidowicz (Verona) at 90 minute
  • S. Verdi (Verona) at 90 minute

    The last five games (including this match):

    • Napoli – DWLWL
    • Verona – DWLLD

    Top 5 Serie A scorers:

    1. Victor Osimhen (19, Napoli)
    2. Lautaro Martínez (14, Inter)
    3. Ademola Lookman (13, Atalanta)
    4. MBala Nzola (13, Spezia)
    5. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia (11, Napoli)

    Next games:

    • Napoli will play with Juventus. April 23 at 18:45 (UTC), on Allianz Stadium.
    • Verona will play with Bologna. April 21 at 18:45 (UTC), on Stadio MarcAntonio Bentegodi.
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