Chaves Secures Victory Against Benfica in Primeira Liga Matchup

In an exciting match between Chaves and Benfica on Match Day 28 of Primeira Liga, Chaves emerged victorious with a 1:0 scoreline. The decisive goal came in the 90th minute when I._Abass from Chaves scored the only goal of the match, giving his side a crucial win in their pursuit of league success. Both teams had chances to find the back of the net but it was I._Abass who made his mark on the game with his late winner. This victory for Chaves will be remembered for some time yet as they continue to battle their way up the table.



Paulo Vítor (rating 7.6)
Nélson Monte (rating 7.3)
Carlos Ponck (rating 7.5)
Steven Vitória (rating 7.5)
Bruno Langa (rating 8.2)
Guima (rating 7.2)
João Teixeira (rating 7.3)
João Correia (rating 6.3)
João Mendes (rating 5.9)
Bernardo Sousa (rating 6.5)
Juninho Vieira (rating 6.2)


Odysseas Vlachodimos (rating 6.5)
Gilberto (rating 7.3)
António Silva (rating 7)
Nicolás Otamendi (rating 6.3)
Alejandro Grimaldo (rating 7.3)
Fredrik Aursnes (rating 7.5)
Chiquinho (rating 7.3)
David Neres (rating 6.5)
Rafa Silva (rating 6.7)
João Mário (rating 6.3)
Gonçalo Ramos (rating 6.6)



H. Hernandez (Juninho, 64)
Euller (S. Vitoria, 64)
I. Abass (J. P. Araujo Correia, 71)
J. Pedro (Joao Teixeira, 78)


G. Guedes (D. Neres, 69)
C. Tengstedt (G. Ramos, 80)
J. Neves (Joao Mario, 80)
P. Musa (Gilberto, 88)

Ball possession:

The result of the match between Chaves and Benfica was heavily determined by ball possession, with Benfica claiming 68% of the possession. This allowed them to make 18 shots on target and 4 on goal, with João Mário being the most active in terms of shots on goal. Chaves had much less control over the game, managing only 32% possession and 8 shots on target, 2 of which were goals. Despite their limited resources, João Teixeira was still able to make an impact with his impressive number of shots.


João Teixeira (Chaves) had an impressive pass accuracy of 86% from a total of 36 passes. His teammate, Steven Vitória, was able to make 1 key pass. Fredrik Aursnes (Benfica) was even more accurate with his passing, as he had a 91% accuracy from 85 passes. Gilberto (Benfica) made 3 key passes in the match. Both teams displayed great passing ability and teamwork during the match.


Chaves and Benfica have both had success in their defensive efforts this season, with Chaves leading the way in interceptions. Nélson Monte has been leading the charge for Chaves with 3 interceptions, followed by Carlos Ponck who has 3 as well. António Silva from Benfica is close behind with 4 interceptions, while Gonçalo Ramos was able to secure 1 interception for Benfica. Both teams have done well defensively so far this year.


The data shows that the top two performers in terms of face-to-face fights for the ball in their respective teams are Guima (9) from Chaves and Gilberto (11) from Benfica. Both players have displayed impressive skill on the pitch, showing an inspiring level of determination and drive to win each individual battle. Guima has won 9 out of his 10 face-to-face duels while Gilberto has come out on top 11 times. This is a testament to their individual skills as well as their commitment to winning each game they play.


    Yellow cards:

  • R. Guimaraes (Chaves) at 28 minute
  • N. Monte (Chaves) at 70 minute
  • Euller (Chaves) at 86 minute
  • J. Pedro (Chaves) at 90 minute

    The last five games (including this match):

    • Chaves – WDLWW
    • Benfica – LLWWW

    Top 5 Primeira Liga scorers:

    1. Gonçalo Ramos (10, Benfica)
    2. Mehdi Taremi (7, FC Porto)
    3. João Mário (7, Benfica)
    4. Rafa Mújica (6, Arouca)
    5. Francisco Trincão (6, Sporting CP)

    Next games:

    • Chaves will play with Santa Clara. April 23 at 17:00 (UTC), on Estádio de São Miguel.
    • Benfica will play with Estoril. April 23 at 17:00 (UTC), on Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica.
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