Famalicao Scores Last-Minute Winner in Primeira Liga Match Against Casa Pia

The 24th Match Day of the Primeira Liga saw a thrilling battle between Famalicao and Casa Pia. After a tense first half, Famalicao finally broke the deadlock with I. Jaime scoring at the 36th minute, giving them a 1:0 lead. Casa Pia pushed hard for an equalizer but were ultimately unable to break down Famalicao’s defence and had to settle for defeat. The win was a huge boost for Famalicao in their pursuit of European qualification and they will be looking to build on this result as they look to climb up the table.



Luiz Júnior (rating 7.3)
Alexandre Penetra (rating 7.2)
Riccieli (rating 7.6)
Enea Mihaj (rating 7.2)
Francisco Moura (rating 6.9)
Gustavo Assunção (rating 7.3)
Santiago Colombatto (rating 7.2)
Leandro Sanca (rating 6.6)
Ivo Rodrigues (rating 7)
Iván Jaime (rating 7.5)
Denílson (rating 6.5)

Casa Pia

Ricardo Batista (rating 6.9)
Fernando Varela (rating 6.6)
Vasco Fernandes (rating 6.6)
Nermin Zolotić (rating 7.2)
Beni (rating 6.9)
Eduardo Fereira (rating 6.9)
Afonso Taira (rating 6.3)
Romário Baró (rating 6.9)
Leonardo Lelo (rating 7.7)
Clayton (rating 6.6)
Saviour Godwin (rating 6.9)



Pablo (L. Sanca, 58)
M. Aguirregabiria (I. Jaime, 81)
D. Tavares (I. Rodrigues, 90)

Casa Pia

Y. Soma (E. Ferreira, 46)
Neto (A. Taira, 46)
Felippe (R. Baro, 61)
J. Nunes (F. Varela, 76)
Kiki (B. Mukendi, 85)

Ball possession:

The soccer match between Famalicao and Casa Pia was a close one, with both teams playing intense and competitively. Famalicao had the edge in terms of ball possession, with 51% to Casa Pia’s 49%. The shooting stats were in their favor too, as they made 16 shots on target compared to 11 by Casa Pia. Iván Jaime was the most active shooter for Famalicao, while Clayton was the best for Casa Pia when it came to shots on goal – both sides managing 4 and 2 respectively. Ultimately it was a thrilling game that ended in a draw, but both teams could be proud of their performances.


3 dribbles per game.

Riccieli from Famalicao had an impressive pass accuracy of 90%, completing 50 passes in total. Nermin Zolotić from Casa Pia was also impressive with a pass accuracy of 77% and 72 passes completed overall. Alexandre Penetra from Famalicao made 2 key passes during the game, while Leonardo Lelo from Casa Pia averaged 2.3 dribbles per game. All four players performed very well and contributed to their respective teams’ success on the field.


Famalicao and Casa Pia have been impressive in the defensive third this season. Famalicao has recorded a total of 9 interceptions with Riccieli leading the way with 2. Casa Pia, on the other hand, has managed 14 interceptions, with Nermin Zolotić taking top spot with 4. Famalicao’s tally stands at 5 and Riccieli has contributed 4 to it while Casa Pia is at 4, 2 of which were by Nermin Zolotić. These teams have proven to be very effective in stopping attacking moves this season!


Ivo Rodrigues and Beni are the two leaders in their respective teams when it comes to face-to-face fights for the ball. Ivo Rodrigues, from Famalicao, has 8 such fights while Beni from Casa Pia has 7. It is clear that both players have a great ability to win physical duels, making them invaluable for their teams.


    Yellow cards:

  • L. Sanca (Famalicao) at 21 minute
  • A. Penetra (Famalicao) at 48 minute
  • Pablo (Famalicao) at 85 minute
  • G. A. Assuncao (Famalicao) at 90 minute
  • Neto (Casa Pia) at 68 minute
  • Felippe (Casa Pia) at 70 minute
  • Y. Soma (Casa Pia) at 86 minute

    The last five games (including this match):

    • Famalicao – WLWLL
    • Casa Pia – LWLWW

    Top 5 Primeira Liga scorers:

    1. Gonçalo Ramos (8, Benfica)
    2. Simon Banza (6, SC Braga)
    3. Mehdi Taremi (6, FC Porto)
    4. Fran Navarro (5, GIL Vicente)
    5. João Mário (5, Benfica)

    Next games:

    • Famalicao will play with Boavista. March 19 at 20:30 (UTC), on Estádio do Bessa Século XXI.
    • Casa Pia will play with Maritimo. March 19 at 15:30 (UTC), on Estádio Pina Manique.
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