Vizela Falters to SC Braga in Primeira Liga Match

Vizela were no match for SC Braga in Match Day 24 of the Primeira Liga. Ali Musrati opened the scoring in the 43rd minute, with Iuri Medeiros getting a brace shortly after half time. Ricardo Horta put the finishing touches on a convincing victory for SC Braga at the 75th minute, securing their fourth win in five matches. The result leaves Vizela languishing at 13th place on the table.



F. Buntić (rating 5.9)
Tomás Silva (rating 6.7)
Anderson (rating 6.2)
Ivanildo Fernandes (rating 6.5)
Kiki Afonso (rating 6.6)
Claudemir (rating 6.3)
Raphael Guzzo (rating 6.9)
Nuno Moreira (rating 6.6)
Kiko Bondoso (rating 6.5)
M. Osmajić (rating 6.7)

SC Braga

Matheus (rating 7.5)
Víctor Gómez (rating 7)
S. Saatçı (rating 7)
S. Niakaté (rating 6.9)
Nuno Sequeira (rating 7.2)
Ali Musrati (rating 8.3)
André Horta (rating 6.9)
Iuri Medeiros (rating 9)
Ricardo Horta (rating 7.7)
Bruma (rating 6.2)
Abel Ruiz



Nuno Moreira (M. Lacava, 61)
Raphael Guzzo (Pedro Ortiz, 66)
Claudemir (F. Etim, 66)
Kiki Afonso (Matheus Pereira, 78)
Samú (A. Méndez, 78)

SC Braga

Bruma (Álvaro Djaló, 46)
André Horta (Castro, 74)
Iuri Medeiros (Pizzi, 74)
Nuno Sequeira (C. Borja, 81)
Ali Musrati (U. Račić, 84)

Ball possession:

The match between Vizela and SC Braga was a tightly contested affair, with SC Braga ultimately coming out on top due to their superior ball possession. Despite holding the ball for less time, Vizela still managed 14 shots on target and even had one shot on goal. The most active in terms of taking shots was Matías Lacava. SC Braga made 13 shots on target and 7 of those were successful in hitting the goal. Iuri Medeiros was the most successful for them in terms of shots on goal. In the end, it was SC Braga’s greater possession that proved decisive in securing them the win.


Raphael Guzzo of Vizela had an impressive passing accuracy of 83% over a total of 49 passes in the match. Sikou Niakaté from SC Braga was nearly as impressive with 79% accuracy, though he attempted 63 passes. Kiki Afonso from Vizela made two key passes, while Iuri Medeiros from SC Braga managed three. All four players made significant contributions to their respective teams and helped make the game an exciting one for viewers.


The city of Vizela and SC Braga have had contrasting fortunes in terms of interceptions this season. Vizela has recorded 18 interceptions so far, with Anderson leading the way on 4. On the other hand, SC Braga has seen 20 interceptions, with Sikou Niakaté leading the way on 5. In terms of giving away interceptions, Vizela has only given away two this season – both belonging to Anderson – while SC Braga have also given away two; one belonging to Mutassim Al Musrati. It looks like both teams are trying their best to keep possession and not give it away cheaply.


Tomás Silva of Vizela and Nuno Sequeira of SC Braga have been leading their respective teams in terms of face-to-face fights for the ball. Tomás Silva has had 8 such fights, while Nuno Sequeira has had 7. These two players have been the driving force behind their teams’ successes on the field and are clearly showing why they are team leaders with their impressive stats.


    Yellow cards:

  • Matheus Pereira (Vizela) at 83 minute
  • Pedro Ortiz (Vizela) at 85 minute
  • Mutassim Al Musrati (SC Braga) at 81 minute
  • Álvaro Djaló (SC Braga) at 83 minute

    The last five games (including this match):

    • Vizela – LWWWL
    • SC Braga – WWLWW

    Top 5 Primeira Liga scorers:

    1. Gonçalo Ramos (8, Benfica)
    2. Simon Banza (6, SC Braga)
    3. Mehdi Taremi (6, FC Porto)
    4. Fran Navarro (5, GIL Vicente)
    5. João Mário (5, Benfica)

    Next games:

    • Vizela will play with Portimonense. March 18 at 15:30 (UTC), on Estádio Municipal de Portimão.
    • SC Braga will play with FC Porto. March 19 at 18:00 (UTC), on Estádio Municipal de Braga.
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