FC Porto Secures 3-2 Victory Over Estoril in Primeira Liga Matchup

FC Porto triumphed over Estoril in Match Day 24 of Primeira Liga, with a score of 3:2. M._Grujić from FC Porto scored the first goal at 9 minutes, giving his team an early lead. Estoril quickly responded back with a goal from Tiago_Gouveia at 27 minutes, bringing the score to 1:1. However, just four minutes later André_Franco from FC Porto scored again to give his team the lead that they would ultimately hold until the end of the match. The thrilling victory meant that FC Porto continued their successful run in Primeira Liga and further strengthened their position at the top of the table.


FC Porto

Diogo Costa (rating 6.3)
João Mário (rating 6.3)
Fábio Cardoso (rating 7.3)
Pepe (rating 6.5)
Zaidu Sanusi (rating 6.3)
Marko Grujić (rating 7.2)
Stephen Eustaquio (rating 7.2)
André Franco (rating 7.3)
Danny Namaso (rating 6.5)
Otávio (rating 7.3)
Toni Martínez (rating 7.2)


Daniel Figueira (rating 6)
Tiago Santos (rating 5.9)
Edson Mexer (rating 6.9)
Pedro Álvaro (rating 6.2)
Tiago Araújo (rating 5.9)
João Carvalho (rating 6.6)
João Gamboa (rating 5.7)
Francisco Geraldes (rating 7)
Rafik Guitane (rating 6.2)
Cassiano (rating 6.3)
Tiago Gouveia (rating 8)


FC Porto


Ball possession:

FC Porto dominated the match, with a ball possession of 63%. They were more active in terms of shots on goal, with 12 shots on target and 5 on goal. Marko Grujić was the most active player in terms of the number of shots. Estoril had 9 shots on target and 3 shots on goal, with Tiago Gouveia making the most hits on goal. Overall, it was a good performance from both sides but FC Porto had an edge in this match.


In a recent match between FC Porto and Estoril, Pepe of FC Porto had a pass accuracy of 98%, with 75 total passes. Pedro Álvaro of Estoril had an 82% pass accuracy, with 52 total passes. Toni Martínez from FC Porto made 3 key passes, while Francisco Geraldes from Estoril made 2 key passes. These impressive passing stats demonstrate the strength of both teams in the midfield.


FC Porto has been the leader in interceptions this season, with 12 total. Fábio Cardoso is leading the team with 2 interceptions. Estoril follows closely behind, with 7 interceptions and Edson Mexer having the most with 2 of those. FC Porto has 3 interceptions overall and again Fábio Cardoso leads the way with 2 of them while Estoril also has 3, all belonging to Edson Mexer.


Otávio from FC Porto and Tiago Gouveia from Estoril have emerged as leaders in their respective teams due to their performance in face-to-face fights for ball. Otávio has won 9 of these battles, while Tiago has been successful 10 times. This impressive showing by both players shows that they are the ones to watch out for on the field. It will be interesting to see if they can continue this performance throughout the season and become even more dominant figures on their teams.


    Yellow cards:

  • Marko Grujić (FC Porto) at 4 minute
  • Pepe (FC Porto) at 67 minute
  • Wenderson Galeno (FC Porto) at 90 minute
  • Francisco Geraldes (Estoril) at 15 minute
  • Cassiano (Estoril) at 20 minute
  • Tiago Santos (Estoril) at 53 minute
  • Francisco Geraldes (Estoril) at 90 minute
  • João Gamboa (Estoril) at 90 minute
  • Red cards:

  • Francisco Geraldes (Estoril) at 90 minute

    The last five games (including this match):

    • FC Porto – WWWWD
    • Estoril – LLWDD

    Top 5 Primeira Liga scorers:

    1. Gonçalo Ramos (8, Benfica)
    2. Mehdi Taremi (6, FC Porto)
    3. Simon Banza (6, SC Braga)
    4. Aziz (5, Rio Ave)
    5. Fran Navarro (5, GIL Vicente)

    Next games:

    • FC Porto will play with SC Braga. March 19 at 18:00 (UTC), on Estádio Municipal de Braga.
    • Estoril will play with Chaves. March 18 at 20:30 (UTC), on Estádio António Coimbra da Mota.
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