FC Porto Shocked by 1:2 Defeat from GIL Vicente in Primeira Liga Double Header

FC Porto suffered a tough 1-2 loss to GIL Vicente in Match Day 22 of the Primeira Liga. The match started on the right foot for FC Porto, with M._Taremi scoring a goal at 4 minutes into the game to give his team an early lead (1-0). However, F._Navarro from GIL Vicente managed to equalize at 27 minutes (1-1), and Murilo from GIL Vicente scored again at 45 minutes to secure his team’s victory (1-2). Despite their efforts, FC Porto were unable to overcome their opponent and had to accept defeat in this match.


FC Porto

Diogo Costa (rating 6.2)
João Mário (rating 5.5)
Pepe (rating 6.9)
Iván Marcano (rating 6.7)
Wendell (rating 6.2)
Mateus Uribe (rating 5.2)
Stephen Eustaquio (rating 6.5)
Pepê (rating 6.6)
Otávio (rating 7)
Mehdi Taremi (rating 7.5)
Danny Namaso (rating 7.2)

GIL Vicente

Andrew (rating 6.7)
Zé Carlos (rating 6.9)
Tomás Araújo (rating 7.2)
Rúben Fernandes (rating 7)
Adrián Marín (rating 6.3)
Kanya Fujimoto (rating 7.2)
Giorgi Aburjania (rating 7.2)
Pedro Tiba (rating 7.3)
Murilo Souza (rating 6.9)
Fran Navarro (rating 7.3)
Juan Manuel Boselli (rating 7)


FC Porto

Zaidu (Wendell, 46)
G. Borges (D. Loader, 46)
R. Conceicao (S. Eustaquio, 79)
T. Martinez (Zaidu, 86)

GIL Vicente

Marlon (J. Boselli, 72)
B. Aouacheria (Murilo, 73)
R. Wilson (Pedro Tiba, 81)
K. Villodres (F. Navarro, 90)

Ball possession:

Today’s match between FC Porto and GIL Vicente was a close one, with GIL Vicente having the upper hand in terms of ball possession. They had 60% ball possession compared to FC Porto’s 40%. Both teams made 8 and 10 shots on target respectively, but it was GIL Vicente who ended up scoring more goals, with 3 to 2. Mehdi Taremi for FC Porto and Murilo Souza for GIL Vicente were the most active players in terms of shots on goal, each contributing 3 and 4 respectively. It was an exciting game that will go down in history as one of the most evenly matched games between these two teams.


5 tackles per game.

Pepe of FC Porto proved to be an incredibly accurate passing player, with a pass accuracy of 95% over the course of 44 passes. Tomás Araújo, who plays for GIL Vicente, was not far behind Pepe in terms of accuracy with a 93% pass accuracy across 91 passes. Otávio from FC Porto made two key passes during the match, and Kanya Fujimoto from GIL Vicente was a defensive force to be reckoned with, averaging 2.5 tackles per game.


FC Porto and GIL Vicente are two rival teams in the Portuguese league. When it comes to interceptions, FC Porto had 6 total with Pepê leading the way with 2. GIL Vicente had 10 interceptions, with Zé Carlos leading the pack with 3. On the other hand, FC Porto only had 2 interceptions from Iván Marcano while GIL Vicente didn’t record any at all. It’s clear that FC Porto was much more successful in defending their side of the field than their rivals were.


The battle for the ball on the football field is a fierce one, and two players are leading the charge. Pepê of FC Porto has won an impressive 12 face-to-face fights for possession of the ball, while Tomás Araújo of GIL Vicente is close behind with seven. These two players demonstrate just how important it is to be tenacious in order to win the ball from their opponents. With such skill and determination on display, it’s no wonder these two teams are performing so well this season.


    Yellow cards:

  • M. Uribe (FC Porto) at 43 minute
  • M. Uribe (FC Porto) at 52 minute
  • Otavio (FC Porto) at 64 minute
  • S. Eustaquio (FC Porto) at 76 minute
  • Pepe (FC Porto) at 79 minute
  • K. Fujimoto (GIL Vicente) at 22 minute
  • Ze Carlos (GIL Vicente) at 64 minute
  • F. Navarro (GIL Vicente) at 76 minute
  • A. da Silva Ventura (GIL Vicente) at 83 minute
  • B. Aouacheria (GIL Vicente) at 87 minute
  • Red cards:

  • Joao Mario (FC Porto) at 35 minute
  • M. Uribe (FC Porto) at 52 minute

Penalties in a match:

  • Murilo (GIL Vicente) at 45 minute

The last five games (including this match):

  • FC Porto – LWWWW
  • GIL Vicente – WDWDL

Top 5 Primeira Liga scorers:

  1. João Mário (14, Benfica)
  2. Gonçalo Ramos (13, Benfica)
  3. Fran Navarro (13, GIL Vicente)
  4. Mehdi Taremi (12, FC Porto)
  5. Pedro Gonçalves (12, Sporting CP)

Next games:

  • FC Porto will play with Chaves. March 04 at 20:30 (UTC), on Estádio Municipal Eng. Manuel Branco Teixeira.
  • GIL Vicente will play with Maritimo. March 05 at 15:30 (UTC), on Estádio Cidade de Barcelos.
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